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Corrosion PreventionCorrosion Prevention

Corrosion Preventionn

2 and 3 dimensional barrier foil bags and liners  provide total climatic protection for any product which may deteriorate due to moisture ingress.  From small pouches to ISO Container Liners we can  provide the tailor-made solution to suit  your specific application.

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Dried Product ProtectionDried Product Protection

Dried Product Protection

Barrier foils provide total climatic protection for any dry product which may deteriorate due to attack from moisture vapour, oxygen and other gasses, UV light, odour transfer and temperature extremes.    

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ISO-9001-2008 ISO-14001-2004

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Barrier foils prevent corrosion of machinery and metal goods.
Barrier foils provide a total barrier to moisture and oxygen ingress
Heat sealers available for barrier foil laminates
Barrier Foil Liners manufactured to suit any outer container to provide total climatic protection.
Aluminium Barrier foils, available in a wide range of specifications to suit the application.